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What Is The Cost For Uniform Rental Managed Services?

If you don’t have managed services, having a uniform rental contract introduces a world of increased uniform rental costs, hidden fees and a reduced quality which harms your brand and takes valuable time out of your busy schedule in order to manage it.

We found that businesses and agencies who decide to rent uniforms are often unaware of many of the pitfalls that will affect their budgets and uniform quality.

Uniform Bright was started to show exactly what renting uniforms entails so agencies or companies like yours can continue to work hard to serve your customer and the public while avoiding the extra uniform rental costs or having limited uniform rental options.

Save on Managed Services Uniform Rental Costs for Your Team

Can I Save Money on Uniform Rental Costs?

Yes, it is possible. However, only managers and owners who take the initiative, spend the time and manage their uniform rental company like a hawk will realize uniform rental costs savings. A uniform rental contract when you first sign, is normally at fair prices; the problem arises when the uniform rental company increases their rental prices several times per year, and add in preparation charges, loss charges, damage charges, emblem charges, name charges, size changes, etc. To make matters worse, many times, the merchandise you currently receive is inferior to that which you were promised.

Most owners and managers don’t have the time to manage their uniform rental costs and that’s why they hire Uniform Bright to manage their program.

Without managed services will I incur additional uniform rental costs for adding or cancel employees’ uniforms because of personnel changes?

Absolutely yes! You should be careful here because your uniform and linen rental contract will contain a provision for not being able to reduce your bill lower than the minimum price that you originally agreed to in the contract. If this happens you will end up paying more for less product and service.

Therefore, hiring a uniform & linen rental expert is essential. Our experts have a specially designed process and a detailed checklist they utilize when reviewing your uniform rental costs in order to ensure that you only pay for what you must.

If my uniform is torn should I have to pay for a new one?

Your uniform and linen rental company has a system where they repair torn uniforms. Hold them accountable and make sure they repair it instead of charging you for the extra uniform rental costs. You shouldn’t have to pay any extra uniform rental costs because uniform repair is normally included, and their repair system is a selling point, as they say, in order to reduce your overall uniform rental costs.

Will I have to pay extra uniform rental costs if my employees are missing uniforms?

Uniform rental companies are famous for charging the customer for uniforms that they lost in the first place. I estimate that 50% of losses charged to customers were lost by the uniform and linen rental company. It is very important that you receive a receipt for anything that the uniform and linen rental company takes so that you can prove that you didn’t lose it; if you don’t, your uniform rental costs will be increasing due to uniforms that they lost.

What if some uniforms become ruined for whatever reason, will my uniform rental costs increase?

Whenever Uniform Bright manages a uniform rental program, the client rarely pays extra uniform rental costs because there was damage to a uniform. Proper documentation, inspection and evaluation on a weekly basis, utilizing our proven process and detailed checklist are how we protect our clients from paying increased uniform rental costs.

We do our best to make your uniform rental program easy. Get a free uniform rental costs evaluation to see for yourself. Call (951) 963-9575 to see how much you could be saving. Contact Us today to start saving tomorrow.




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